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Tigran Maytesian


Tigran D. Maytesian – violinist and professor –, resides and works in Belgium. His ambition is to express himself in a creative manner both as a violinist and as a music pedagogue. As of 2011 he conducts the “Mind Speller” chamber orchestra founded by him.

Tigran Maytesian was born on 10 November 1970 in Armenia (Sevan). He started his violin classes at the age of five and further pursued an elaborate classic music education: music school, school for music pedagogy, conservatory and postgraduate violin.

When he was nine years old, he made his début at the chamber orchestra of music school #19 in Yerevan (directed by Gohar Mouradian). Then, he started his music school studies in Yerevan (docent H. Yagubyan) after which, in 1989, he became a student of C. Hakhnazaryan at the Komitas Conservatory (Yerevan). From 1992 to 1995, he continued his studies in Tallinn (Estonia) with Yuri Gerets, in the framework of an international exchange program.

During his studies at the Conservatory of Estonia he met Igor S. Bezrodny, one of the foremost violinists and pedagogues of the 20th century, who initiated him into the traditions of the Russian violin school of A. Yampolski (Bezrodny was a student of the latter). According to Bezrodny the Russian school distinguishes itself, among other aspects, by its focus on technical skills and a relaxed handplay with much sense for the acoustic characteristics of the violin, the capabilities for creating sound, the richness and color of the created sound, and the artistic freedom and self-development of the student.

From 1995 till 1998 Tigran was assistant internship supervisor, post-graduate student at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

During his studies, he was from 1987 till 1998 concert master (first violin) in the orchestra of the State Radio and Television of Armenia conducted by Gevorg Adzhemian. From 1993 onwards he performs regularly in Scandinavia, on invitation by the Estonian Radio “Fourth Station” and the Conservatory of Estonia, and subsequently in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, and several West-European countries (Finland, Estonia, Luxemburg, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France). He performs with a violin from the 18th century Italian master Nicolo Amati.

The repertoire of the violinist is extensive and stylistically diversified:


• A.Corelli (concerts, sonatas)

• A. Vitali (Chaconne in G minor for violin)

• A. Vivaldi (4 concerts "The Seasons", concertos for violin, Concerto for 2 Violins, Concerto for 4 Violins, etc.)

• G.F. Handel (Sonata №4 (D-dur), Passacaglia for Violin and Viola / Cello)

• J.S. Bach (concerts: a-moll, E-dur, concerto for two violins d-moll, partitas, etc.)

• W.A. Mozart (concerts №1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, most of the sonatas, Rondo, Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra in E-Flat)

• N.Paganini (Concert №2 «La Campanella», Caprices, Introduction and Variations on the G string on a theme from the opera J.. Rossini's "Moses", "Perpetual Motion", etc.)

• L.v. Beethoven (Concerto D-dur, all the sonatas, "Romance")

• F. Schubert (Sonatas, Sonatinas, “Ave Maria”)

• H. Wieniawski (Polonaise №1 and №2, Scherzo-Tarantella g-moll, Concerto d-moll)

• M. Bruch (Violin Concerto, Concerto for Violin and Viola e-moll, "The Scottish Fantasy")

• P. Sarasate (Fantasia on Themes from G.Bizet's "Carmen", "Gypsy Airs", "Andalusian Romance")

• F. Mendelssohn (Concerto e-moll, Concerto for Violin and Piano)

• J. Brahms (Concerto D-dur, Hungarian Dances)

• Ch. Bériot (Concert №9)

• H. Vieuxtemps (Concerts №2 and №5)

• R. Strauss (Sonata B-moll)

• F. Ries ("Perpetuum mobile")

• E. Ysaÿe  ("Les Neiges d'Antan", all sonatas)

• J. Sibelius (Concerto d-moll)

• P.I. Tchaikovsky (concert Valse-Scherzo, "Melody", "Reflections," "Russian Dance")

• E. Grieg (Sonata)

• F. Poulenc (Sonata)

• C. Debussy (Sonata g-moll)

• C. Saint-Saens (Rondo-Capriccioso)

• C. Saint-Saens - E. Ysaÿe (Etude in the form of a waltz)

• S. Frank (Sonata A-dur)

• G. Dinicu (Hora staccato, Romanian dance)

• A. Batstsini (Rondo)

• A. Dvorak (Sonatina)

• O. Respighi (Sonata B-moll)

• A. Khachaturian (Concerto d-moll, “Sabre Dance”, Adagio)

• S. Rachmaninov (Vocalise)

• N. Medtner (Sonata for Violin and Piano)

• D. Shostakovich (Concert (№1 a-moll), piano trio, piano quintet g-moll)

• M. Ravel (Sonata №1 (one-piece), №2, “Gypsy” - concert rhapsody for violin and piano (or orchestra))

• S. Prokofiev (Concert (№1 D-dur), Sonata №1), etc.

• V. Sharafyan ("Measurements of Infinity" for violin and piano)

• E. Baghdasaryan said (Concert Rhapsody, Nocturne)

• E. Mirzoyan ("Perpetual Motion")

• T. Maytesian (7 Caprices)

• V. Manoukian (Concerto for Viola and Violin and Orchestra)

Since 2000 he lives in Belgium. From 2000 till 2007 he was the first violin at the National Chamber Orchestra of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  During 2001-2002 he had internship in avant-garde music in the Ghent Conservatory (Prof. M.Bezverkhny).

Throughout his career, Tigran Maytesian collaborated with such prominent conductors as Gevorg Adzhemian (Armenia), Yuri Alperten (Estonia), Alexander Yakupov, Andrey Krouzhkov, Igor Lerman, Andrey Karapishchenko (Russia), Vyacheslav Prilepin, Alexander Sosnovsky (Belarus), Jeannot Vaymerskirch (Luxemburg) as well as with pianists Elisabeth Ginsburg (Moscow, Russia), Irina Tsys, Konstantin Zenkin, Andrey Krouzhkov (Moscow, Russia), Marrit Gerets (Estonia), Luba Harutyunyan (Belgium), Luc De Vos (Belgium), Ruben Chakhmakhchyan (Armenia), and Joseph Ermin (Ukraine). Daniel Blumenthal (Belgium) is one of the pianists accompanying him on a regular basis.

Since 2009 Tigran Maytesian has started his career as a Professor at the Lemmens Institute (Conservatory of the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium) where he conducts two classes: solo violin and chamber music. In that capacity he has successfully prepared several students for international solo violin and chamber music competitions. His outstanding chamber music students - Maxim Bandurin (piano), Valery Verstack (cello), Robert Stepanyan (violin) - in 2010 became the winners of the Gianni Bergamo Classic Music Award competition, which annually takes place in Lugano, Switzerland. Tigran's fame as a talented musician and teacher has been growing, as evidenced by the numerous invitations to collaborate which are received from conservatories located outside Belgium. Now he is an honorary professor of Orenburg State Institute of Arts named after L. and M. Rostropovich (Orenburg, Russia), and since 2015 he has become a professor of Magnitogorsk conservatory in Russia.

In 2011 Tigran Maytesian became Professor at the Medical School (Laboratory for Neuro- and Psychophysiology), Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, where he actively participates in scientific research together with his colleague Professor Marc Van Hulle on the “Mind Speller” project ( One important aspect of this project is to research the connection between music and emotions by means of electro-encephalography (EEG) where the ultimate aim is to develop an “affective brain computer interface” with which patients suffering from language disorders, due to neurological diseases such aphasia, autism, and dementia, can express their emotions via EEG without using facial expressions, gestures or other forms of muscular activity. Professor Maytesian has successfully promoted this project at universities in Belarus, Armenia and Russia (Moscow).

In 2012 he became Artistic director of the International Festival des Minimes in Brussels (Belgium) upon invitation by Abbé Jacques Van der Biest, honorary citizen of the city of Brussels, and by Prince Amaury de Merode, President of the “Centre d’Oeuvres de Merode” (Brussels, Belgium). In 2013 he will continue and expand this initiative to also include the International Festival Sint Carolus Borromeuskerk in Antwerp (Belgium) and the International Festival at the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille de Lille (Lille, France).

Since 2013 Tigran Maytesian is a scientific advisor for Scientific and Creative interdisciplinary research center of musical creativity of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Tigran Maytesian is a Doctor of Arts (Russia) and honorary doctor of the International Academy for Natural and Social Sciences and is member of its Arts department, honorary member of the Ararat International Academy of Sciences established under the high patronage of UNESCO (Paris, France), and regular member of the Europäische Akademie der Naturwissenschaften (Hannover, Germany).

Klassiek Centraal nominated the performance of Tigran Maytesian with “Russian Camerata”, the Chamber Orchestra of Tver Philharmonics, under the direction of Andrey Krouzhkov, on February 2014 as the Best Concert of the year and awarded them the Goulden Label prize.

In 2014 Tigran Maytesian is appointed by the Museum named after M. Glinka to be an official expert of Russia's string instruments in Europe.











Mobile: +32 475368435

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Concert and Master-classes Posters

Concert in Antwerpen, België wordt uitgesteld
Exacte datum en tijd worden later bekend gemaakt

Concert 28 oktober 2014 in Brest, Wit-Rusland


Concert 23 oktober 2014, Jeruzalem, Israël

Concert en Masterclasses in Orenburg State Institute of Arts vernoemd L. en M. Rostropovitsj op 18-20 oktober 2014 Orenburg, Rusland


Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

City Chamber Hall

15 October 2014



Irina Bochkova (violin)

Tigran Maytesian (violin)

Igor Lerman

Chamber Orchestra



A. Vivaldi, J.S.Bach,  E.Chausson, C.Saint-Saëns, M. Bruch



Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Kazan Federal University

Assembly Hall


16 October 2014



Irina Bochkova (violin)

Tigran Maytesian (violin)

Igor Lerman

Chamber Orchestra



A. Vivaldi, J.S.Bach,  E.Chausson, C.Saint-Saëns, M. Bruch

Concert in Navalagamella, Spain

Plaza de Espaňa

9 August 2014 at 22:00

See more at:!programme-aout/c1kiw!programme-juillet/c1enr!programme-juillet/c1enr 

Online bestelling:

Concert in Meyerhold Memorial Museum in Moscow

1 November 2013


Tigran Maytesian (violin)

Konstantin Zenkin (piano)

9 August 2013

Brussels, Belgium / Minimes Church


 Tigran Maytesian (violin)

Konstantin Zenkin (piano)

Program: Ludwig van Beethoven

Henryk Wieniawski

30 August 2013

Closing of the Festival

 Tver Chamber Orchestra "Camerata"

Conducted by: Andrey Kruzhkov

Tigran Maytesian (violin)

Maxim Salnikov (accordion)


Program: Astor Piazzola "The Seasons"

Vitebsk Regional Philharmonic Hall

Vitebsk, Belarus

29 June 2013, 16:00



Konstantin Zenkin (piano)

Tigran Maytesian (violin)

Program: Ludwig van Beethoven and

Composers of the XIX-XX centuries

Tver Regional Academic Philharmonic Hall

 Tver, Russia

30 June 2013


Tigran Maytesian (violin)

"Camerata" Orchestra

Conducted by: Andrey Kruzhkov

In honour of Giuseppe VERDI (200 years) 

Sunday 2 June 2013 at 6 p.m.
Concert dans l'église des Minimes

Concert in the Minimes Church

1 - La Chorale (Choir) Equinox des Marolles

et la Chorale (Choir) Equinox de la maison des enfants Reine Marie Henriette

Directed  by: Maria Jaöa Pires

Conducted by: Miyagui Osada et Popescu

Julien Libeer (piano)

2 - Giuseppe Verdi

String quartet in E-minor


Students of the solo and chamber music classes tutored by Professor Tigran Maytesian, Lemmensinstitute (Conservatory), Leuven, Belgium:

Yana Chernichenko (violin), Hrayr Karapetyan (violin), 

Lorin Lara (alt violin), Hanneke Rouw (cello)

Direction : Tigran Maytesian

 3 -  David Chmelik

String Sextet in E-major - Suenos de Toledo op 8


Mind Speller orchestra:

 Tigran Maytesian (violin), Yana Chernichenko (violin), Aram Dilgeryan (alt violin),

Antuanetta Ivanova (alt violin), Yan Skapovsky (cello), Osli Leka (cello)

For the first time in Belgium 

Venue: 62, rue des Minimes à 1000 Bruxelles